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I will operate within state and local guidelines throughout the pandemic including but not limited to limitations on guest counts, indoor gatherings, and group events.

Ensuring 6 ft. distance between personnel, unless safety or core function of the work activity requires a shorter distance. My colleagues and I must wear acceptable face coverings.

Tightly confined spaces will be avoided if possible and occupied by only one photographer at a time, unless all occupants are wearing face coverings.

I will continually work with my partner vendors and event venues to coordinate our plan for working at your event safely and securely.

I will continue to limit in-person planning and meeting as much as possible and use tele- or video-conferencing whenever possible prior to your event. Essential in-person gatherings (e.g. meetings) should be held in open, well-ventilated spaces with appropriate social distancing.

Albums, prints and any physical items will be delivered by mail or picked up in well-ventilated locations. Photographs are digitally delivered.

Places – Wherever I go, I promise to keep the health and safety of everyone in mind.

I will be wearing acceptable PPE and supplying all my associates with PPE to keep everyone safe. We will be wearing PPE throughout the day to keep everyone safe and healthy. PPE is will be sanitized, never shared or reused (if disposable) for other shoots and events.

My team and I will be limiting my contact with frequently used surfaces and periodically sanitizing and washing my hands throughout your event. Instead of arranging wedding heirlooms such as rings and invitations for example, we may ask you to hold them in your own hands so that we can photograph them in context. If necessary, we will sanitize before and after contact.

I want to tell the story of your day and will be efficient in the spaces that we share. This means photographing efficiently in shared spaces and not timing our day so that we do not linger.

Although photography equipment is rarely shared, my colleagues and I will be sanitizing our equipment before and after your event to ensure proper hygiene.

In the event that I or one of my associates tests positive for COVID-19, I will notify state and local health authorities to assist in contact tracing, notification of potential contacts, such as workers or visitors who may have had contact with me or my associates, while maintaining confidentiality required by state and federal law and regulations.

Process – Methodology is important and having a process for maintaining our safety is vital

In line with state safety standards, I will implement a mandatory health screening assessment (e.g. questionnaire, temperature check) before I and any of my associates begin work for each day of coverage, asking about (1) COVID-19 symptoms in past 14 days, (2) positive COVID-19 test in past 14 days, and/or (3) close contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case in past 14 days. Assessment responses must be reviewed every day and each review must be documented. I will be documenting this review electronically via email.

In the event of transmission, all photography equipment will be re-sanitized for safety and state and local health officials will be notified as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours from receiving notice about possible contamination. Close contacts will be notified as soon as possible while maintaining while maintaining confidentiality required by state and federal law and regulations.

We are a human community and it is our responsibility to keep each other safe.

The policies above can and will likely change to adapt to changing circumstances and local guidelines. My goal is always to provide an experience that is meaningful and beautiful and I appreciate your help in keeping everyone we love safe and sound, and I align with state efforts to mitigate and control the spread of the coronavirus. I have affirmed the following guidelines and filed my affirmation with the State of New York and affirm that I work within the guidelines of the state of New Jersey as well as the One New Jersey Pledge, which you can find below.

NYC COVID-19 Business Guidelines


NJ COVID-19 Guidelines on Weddings


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