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Nikolai N. Zabo Fine Professional Portraiture


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I'm excited for you to take this life-changing step toward having a fine portrait created - it's something that you will truly cherish every day of your life.

Also, just to let you know, right now, for the week of March 23rd I'm able to take on 2 new clients, and I wanted to encourage you to not put off having a fine portrait created on your coming event.

So, if you CALL ME (just to chat, no cost, no obligation) before this Thursday at 5pm, I'll email you an ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY GIFT CERTIFICATE worth 50% off the creation of your fine portraits. This is my way of encouraging you NOT to put this off, but I can't extend this offer past Thursday, March 30th at 5pm.

You can use this gift certificate anytime in the next 5 months to have your portrait created, but I'm only able to give out 2 of these, and only before March 30th at 5pm.

Just give me a call right now at:

I look very forward to talking with you, and have a great rest of the week!

Nikolai N. Zabo

Professional Wedding Photographer for 25 Years

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